Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Concussions in the NBA

Interesting article out of Sacramento today about an increase in concussions in the NBA. They even interviewed David Hovda:
When I hear that a player has had four of them or five or six, I honestly always double that number. They have usually also had some before or in practice or in pickup games.

In an odd twist, they make several references in the article to mouthpieces, but nothing by way of substance:
He doesn't always actually wear the mouthpiece.

Unlike football, though, there are no potential equipment advances or rule changes to help counter head injuries in basketball. There are mouthpieces to act as something of a shock absorber and advice to be careful. That's about it.

No changes. No concerns about what four concussions could mean in the future. Just a mouthpiece.

Hopefully, Gerard Wallace, quoted in the article as having sustained multiple concussions, won't end up with CTE...
"I just want to sit on the porch, watch my kids play sports, grow old, fat, gray-headed, big-bellied... however you want to call it. It's one of those things that I never worry about. You can never worry about that."