Monday, August 17, 2009

Back from another hiatus...

Not sure why I take such long breaks at times, but I am back from my self-imposed break. I do not get many e-mails about this blog, but do occasionally receive suggestions for posts.

Recent comments pointed to a YouTube clip on the use of mouthguards to prevent concussions, as well as recognition of the benefits of mouthguards at the recent Concussion Summit meeting.

With respect to that recent meeting, the 3rd Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sports was published, with the disclaimer (I paraphrase):
Readers are encouraged to copy and distribute freely the Zurich Consensus Statement… (it) is not subject to any copyright restriction. The authors request, however, that the Zurich Consensus Statement be distributed in full and complete format.

So, I provide a link to the pdf file of the 3rd Consensus Statement.