Monday, January 26, 2009

News Flash: Wrestling is Dangerous (and fake)

(disclaimer: I am not a wrestling fan. Really, I am not!) In what can be referred to as an "interesting twist" or "ironic outcome," WWE CEO Vince McMahon sustained a concussion during a stunt:
Some thought Orton made a mistake when he really kicked McMahon. But he didn't, in fact both Vince and Stephanie were happy with the way in turned out. We all know it is storyline, so Vince knew it was coming.

In fact, Vince asked for the kick to the head by Orton. That is right, Vince came up with the idea. See for a long time now, Vince has said he wants wrestling to be more realistic.

Not much detail about the actual concussion, but I thought it was a worthy topic to break my hiatus, especially in light of the fact that the WWE now requires baseline assessments for all wrestlers:
...all WWE talent undergo tests of brain function, including memory, processing speed, and reaction time. An initial analysis is conducted for new WWE talent to gather baseline results before they participate in any in-ring activity for WWE, and then thereafter as circumstances warrant if head trauma is suspected.