Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Brain swishing around?

Mets Outfielder, Ryan Church, has been battling post-concussion symptoms following two concussions sustained this season, and is again back on the disabled list.

Most striking is his description of concussion symptoms:
"I still have the aches, the pains. When I move my head a little bit, I can feel my brain swishing around a little bit. That's what happens when I have migraines."
The NY Daily News quotes Ryan as saying:
"I am exhausted. I am tired," Church said. "With me not feeling 100% I don't feel I can help out the team. I can't keep on going out there and making it worse. We are taking the right steps now to hopefully correct it."
I have not seen research on co-morbidity of concussions and migraines, but this "brain swishing" definitely a unique symptom!